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"Test2day will work hard to maximise your Performance Testing ROI. Companies weighing up the costs of testing should also consider the potential costs of not testing."
  As a result of the reduction of risk unexpected costs which may be incurred after go-live can be avoided by completing an appropriately designed and executed performance test. These costs include:
  • increased production downtime resulting from defects in application software, data volumes, inappropriate configuration settings or infra-structure component overload and the associated high cost of restoring the integrity of the system
  • penalties associated with failure to meet agreed service level requirements after go-live
  • additional hardware expenditure incurred following inadequate design or poor tuning to meet system scalability requirements
  • loss of customer confidence when capacity is inadequate to meet demand with consequential reduction of sales or slow take-up, overload of alternate channels and loss of customer loyalty
  • costs associated with a high profile system failure and the associated negative publicity
In summary, investment in a well structured and focussed performance test will maximise avoidable costs, provide confidence in the system to be deployed and with proper design is capable of re-use to give a return on the investment many times over.

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