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"A well designed and constructed performance test can be used in many ways to investigate the performance of a system and its supporting infrastructure. Findings can be surprising and associated savings can prove to be extensive. The value of investing in performance testing can be demonstrated time and time again."
  Performance test assets can yield extra and sometimes unexpected benefits, such as:
  • data migrated to a production environment prior to the launch of a new system can be validated using the emulation to execute critical business processes
  • an emulation provides a re-usable test asset enabling rapid end-to-end execution of the critical business processes at minimal cost for regression test purposes
  • inexpensive data generation for user acceptance test teams and support for user training during upgrade and enhancement programmes
  • execution of an end-to-end emulation during performance testing is usually the first time that all system components have been exercised together enabling timing and contention issues to be identified prior to deployment
  • the creation of realistic data volumes and transaction rates enables identification of bottlenecks and provides data on how the system performs under increasing load

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